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The Virtual Reference Interview

In the online world, how do you deliver service excellence? In this interactive webinar, we will explore tips and techniques to engage users, provide a positive experience, and help users to the best of our ability. In this interactive and informative program, attendees will learn to provide a positive experience and help users to theContinue reading "The Virtual Reference Interview"

How to Be Proactive During a Crisis

Building upon knowledge of crisis communication, effective leadership, and different crisis planning strategies, this presentation explores how to use this knowledge in a proactive manner. Participants will learn how to identify opportunities, navigate challenges, and build community partnerships during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gavin Woltjer ~ Biography Gavin J. Woltjer is the Library Director for theContinue reading "How to Be Proactive During a Crisis"

Pages Against Predjudice

Racism is still an issue in our country; and, COVID-19 related discrimination reconfirms that any race can be the target. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, author of Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, has created an anti-racist reading list for adults. However, a similar list does not seem to be readily available for young people. Building thisContinue reading "Pages Against Predjudice"