ACRES of Learning

Do you feel like you have participated in every form of online learning that is available? Tired of sitting alone at your computer listening and listening but not doing? You may be ready to join the over 500 out-of-school time educators who have taken part in an ACRES (After-School Coaching for Reflective Educators) cohort in order to hone their STEM facilitation skills.

What is it?

Watch this award winning video to find out more – heads up especially all of you rural library staff looking for support!

How does it work?

By joining an ACRES Cohort you’ll be part of a supportive group of other out-of-school professionals (i.e. Afterschool Providers, Museum Educators, Library Staff, Scout Leaders, etc.), and you’ll get ideas and feedback for facilitating STEM in your program. Each cohort meets for three 90-minute active Zoom sessions and focuses on one specific STEM practice. Through short videos you and your peers will have the chance to share the techniques you have learned in each session in action. Then your cohort and coach will provide feedback and input to immediately help you hone your skills. And it’s all free.

What will I learn?

Upcoming cohorts include…

Virtualizing Your Out-Of-School Offerings

Have you felt like the last few months of remote learning during COVID-19 were hectic and stressful? Well you are not alone with those feelings. It doesn’t have to feel that way going forward. Join this cohort to reflect and practice strategies for virtualizing your offerings.


Are you ready to bring meaningful STEM learning into your program? This module offers educators who are new to facilitating STEM, the opportunity to build supportive relationships with other educators, while exploring the principles of STEM learning. This module combines an introduction to STEM facilitation with the skill of Asking Purposeful Questions.

Asking Purposeful Questions

Questions are the beginning of a path towards discovery, imagination, and STEM exploration. How can we help youth expand and clarify their thinking and develop their reasoning through the questions we ask them? This module is designed for educators who have some experience facilitating STEM learning and would like to grow in their practice within a supportive group of other educators.

For cohort meeting times and registration visit the ACRES website.

Then ready, get set, full STEM ahead!

ACRES of Learning