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How To Build An Antiracist Library Culture

Wednesday, September 28

Wednesday, September 28, and Tuesdays, October 4 and 11, 2022. 

Transform your library culture and services in this online workshop and guest speaker program September 28, October 4, and 11 with live sessions at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Through this course, you’ll learn about the concrete actions library leaders are taking to help cultivate an antiracist, inclusive library culture—from examining the impacts of implicit bias, to evaluating spaces, programs, and services and examining policies and practices through an antiracist lens—to ensure that there is a shared value of antiracism at the library.

Practical coursework, along with targeted support, will take you from theory to application, providing tools and resources that will help you to transform your library culture and services by examining them through an equity lens.

Over 3+ weeks, you’ll complete engaging, interactive assignments that will help you to build both your individual and collective capacity in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion.  Your work in the interactive online classroom is supported by personal coaching from an expert in the field.  In addition, you’ll have access to our foundational bonus content—rich supporting materials you can explore at your own pace, including a series of webinars from Library Journal and School Library Journal contributors, readings, activities, and videos.

The transformational speaker program has given thousands of librarians the tools and vision for meaningful change. The live sessions run on Wednesday, September 28, and Tuesdays, October 4 and 11, from 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PT (recorded for on-demand viewing) with an ongoing facilitator-led workshop over 3 weeks. Don’t miss this opportunity!

When you attend this interactive online course, you’ll gain the tools to:

  • Evaluate your current EDI practices to engage in more authentic self-reflection and self-assessment,
  • Recognize key diversity and cultural literacy concepts such as white privilege, unconscious bias, cultural appropriation, and intersectionality,
  • Assess current library programs, staffing, hiring, equity statements, and more through a culturally competent, antiracist lens,
  • Recognize problematic stereotypes, tropes, acts of implicit/explicit bias, and microaggressions,
  • Engage in an  equity-focused project that you initiate, define, and work on in a group workshop with feedback from a group facilitator

See more workshop information here.

See the list of speakers here.

CALL-SPONSORED: CALL is offering a limited number of free seats to California library staff in this Library Journal course. Please register above for one of these no-cost seats. In order to gain the most impact from learning events sponsored by the CALL grant we ask that all participants engage fully (attend, participate, discuss and share). If you are unable or not willing to agree to this, please be kind and leave a seat for someone else. Thank you for supporting CALL!


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How To Build An Antiracist Library Culture