This course puts the full power of information technology into the hands of library managers and leaders. You’ll start with a clear vision and an understanding of technology policy. Next, you’ll consider the nuts and bolts of managing technology. Technology planning is next followed by technology implementation, and finally, evaluation. The course is presented in plain language with many concrete examples and exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Develops a basic understanding of the concepts and terminology of state of the art computer and communications technologies and their rapidly changing nature.
  • Develops an awareness of the appropriate computer/communications hardware and software applications to achieve library objectives.
  • Develops an understanding of how to evaluate electronic products and services to make cost-effective selection and implementation decisions.
  • Enhances understanding of the Internet and emerging digital technologies.
  • Develops knowledge of technological policy and its use in libraries.
  • Develops basic skills for effective technological change planning: design for technological change, hiring and training of staffing, costs for technologies building/space requirements for hosting technologies, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Develops an awareness of possible regional or state plans or resources that could be incorporated in a collaborative endeavor with the library.
  • Incorporates expectation of regular review of privacy issues and laws, as they relate to information access through technology.

Presented by :: Carson Block

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