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Recruiting, Hiring, Orienting, Maintaining and Saying Goodbye to Library Volunteers

Apply for a seat in this one-hour webinar. About 60 years ago, the professional nonprofit community came to the conclusion that volunteers needed to be treated like paid employees, meaning that they needed to be subject to the same scrutiny and oversight. The result was that nonprofit agencies became more skilled at recruiting and signingContinue reading "Recruiting, Hiring, Orienting, Maintaining and Saying Goodbye to Library Volunteers"

Affecting Change in a Middle Management Role

Register for this one-hour webinar. Program coordinators, department heads, and other supervisors are the leadership of public libraries on the front lines, but they don't always have a seat at the table when administrators talk about change within the library. Attendees of this panel discussion will hear from public librarians representing libraries of varying sizes,Continue reading "Affecting Change in a Middle Management Role"

Introduction to Web Accessibility: A Project Enable Webinar Hosted by Infopeople

Register for this 90-minute webinar. Are you concerned that your library's website isn't meeting accessibility standards? If not, you should be--lawsuits concerning website accessibility failures are increasing, and libraries do not have immunity. In this 90-minute webinar presented by Laura Solomon, you'll gain an understanding of which guidelines are used to measure website accessibility inContinue reading "Introduction to Web Accessibility: A Project Enable Webinar Hosted by Infopeople"

Verbal Intervention: Crisis Prevention Institute

Apply to participate. You will indicate your training date preference in the application. Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is one of the nation’s pre-eminent conflict de-escalation trainers. A number of California libraries have trained with CPI and have given it highly favorable ratings: “staff got the tools they needed to face any situation came out ofContinue reading "Verbal Intervention: Crisis Prevention Institute"

Re-Weaving the Culture through Inclusive Norms in the Public Library

Register for this one-hour webinar. The history of public libraries is deeply rooted in white supremacy, and white cultural norms still dominate management practices in public libraries today. In order to create more inclusive workplace cultures in public libraries, new norms must be established by creating decision-making processes and modes of communication that honor theContinue reading "Re-Weaving the Culture through Inclusive Norms in the Public Library"

No “One Right Way”: Creating New Systems for Volunteer Engagement.

Register for this event. One characteristic of white supremacy culture is the idea that there is “one right way” to do things. There are many ways in which volunteer engagement systems reflect this characteristic; for example, the formal processes for onboarding volunteers, the requirement of an ongoing commitment for certain roles, and the limited voiceContinue reading "No “One Right Way”: Creating New Systems for Volunteer Engagement."

Building Connections with Community Assets

Register for this one-hour webinar. Explore strategies for connecting with community assets in-person and online as a step toward developing a more community-centered library. The Aspen Institute’s influential report, Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, (2014) predicted that the most effective public libraries will be the ones with services that prioritize and support local communityContinue reading "Building Connections with Community Assets"

Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Register now for this one-hour webinar. This webinar is intended to give an overview of the The Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program. This will include who is eligible, and what documentation applicants need to sign up for the program. Additionally, the presenters will provide resources for libraries to provide to patrons who might need assistanceContinue reading "Emergency Broadband Benefit Program"