Exciting Courses Coming This Fall

This fall CALL is sponsoring seats in a number of Library Journal courses (see titles below). We chose these because the topics match with some of the highest priorities you mentioned in the needs assessment. In addition, Library Journal has launched a revised format for their courses which accommodates the need for shorter, more targeted learning.

According to Library Journal, all courses are developed by experts and include a blend of live sessions and asynchronous workshops that will teach you tangible skills that can immediately be applied to your library, including how to conduct an equity audit on your collections, trauma-informed instructional practices, handling censorship challenges, responding to difficult conversations in politically diverse communities, strategizing to secure funding, and more.

We also heard from you that learning from your colleagues is important and beneficial. Library Journal has these new course features to enhance group learning:

  • Channels for community building and ongoing networking after the course ends
  • Live, peer working groups with expert facilitators to immediately apply and practice skills
  • A mix of 1-day intensive workshops and 3-week workshops to fit your schedule
  • Optional drop-in sessions highly tailored to specific library roles and functions

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Exciting Courses Coming This Fall