Library 2.0’s Free Blog and Podcast

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With so many training resources available to library staff, sometimes an arrow from CALL can point you in a direction that will start a conversation among your own colleagues. A case in point is Library 2.0’s free blog and podcast from Dr. Steve Albrecht.

There are a variety of recordings, thought pieces, and Q-and-A’s on topics like leadership, customer service (Library Customer Service Hawaiian Style, anyone?), safety and security, conflict resolution, staff management, and more. For example, his recent post about “What Is Our Responsibility During an Active Shooter ‘Shelter in Place’ Order?” may help inform your questions during any local training and provide a basis for discussion.

Continuing education comes from many sources, and if you’d like to select some blog posts to browse or you like to learn from 30-minute podcasts, we offer this site as a start. Also available at the Library 2.0 site are recordings from their mini-conferences presented with San Jose State University’s School of Information. We encourage you to explore and discover!

Library 2.0's Free Blog and Podcast