Quiet Leadership: Foster Your Identity as an Introverted or Quiet Leader to Inspire Beyond Words

Squash the ideals of extroverted, outgoing, or charismatic leadership by combating the idea to be a model leader you have to be loud. Quiet or introverted leadership challenges the extroverted norms and expectations by promoting a healthy and successful working environment through modesty, humility and action. Learn to focus on individual aspirations and talents, inspiring […]

Library +

Register for this one-hour webinar. Please join Core and International Interior Design Association (IIDA) for a free webinar featuring the Winners of the 2022 ALA/IIDA Library Interior Design Awards. The webinar is hosted by Core, and presented by the IIDA Awards Juror Panel: Toni Garvey, ALA ; Fiona Grandowski, IIDA, AIA; and Hillary L’Ecuyer, IIDA, […]

Using Data to Engage Underserved Communities

In 2021, the Oak Park Public Library (OPPL) in Illinois developed its first “Strategic Plan Against Racism.” One component of this new plan is reaching underserved people in their community. But how could they reach their community if they did not understand who made up its members? The first step in understanding the make-up of […]

Navigating Book Challenges in Rural America

Challenges to books, displays, and other library resources are on the rise in all areas of our country, including rural areas. While it may seem that a “one size fits all” approach can be used in all libraries, it’s important to understand the differences in our communities and consider the best approach when working through […]

Reproductive Health and Libraries: Navigating the New Information Landscape

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe. V. Wade, librarians in states where abortions are now illegal have faced confusing directives, concern for their jobs, and threats from those who say that libraries, and librarians, are no longer permitted to have and share information related to abortion. In this timely webinar, our presenters will share practical guidance […]

Basic Copyright for Library Staff

Copyright is an ever-present and constantly evolving challenge for library staff. If you’re new to copyright, it can be hard to know where to start. In this event, copyright librarian Sara Benson will guide you through the basics. You will learn about how a copyright is formed, when to register a work, how to calculate […]

Developing the Adult Nonfiction Collection

Adult nonfiction collections pose unique challenges. In this event, collection development expert Stephanie Sendaula will show you best practices for developing, maintaining, and weeding the adult nonfiction collection, with an emphasis on staying up to date with trends in popular areas such as memoirs and cookbooks. You’ll gain an understanding of which materials that have […]

Dealing with Challenges, Misinformation, and Disinformation About Resources for Children and Young Adults

Across the United States, public and school librarians face parents or organized groups who accuse them of sharing content that is obscene, harmful to minors, or child pornography. But a politically-motivated declaration that material is harmful to minors does not make it a reality. Issues of intellectual freedom in Youth Services are carefully defined in […]

Developing the Adult Fiction Collection

Diversity is the key to a strong adult fiction collection. In this workshop, adult fiction expert Robin Bradford will cover how you can grow and diversify your collection to make better readers advisory choices and offer stronger materials to your patrons. You’ll learn best practices for acquiring new materials and for drawing on the strengths […]

Developing the Youth Collection

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of collection development for kids and teens. Youth collection expert Julie Jurgens will cover the wide variety of formats available for these audiences and special considerations for curating and maintaining these collections. You'll also learn about how to prepare for and handle material challenges and how to make […]