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Creating Virtual Programs for Adults

Creating and hosting meaningful and engaging programs in a virtual environment provides many unique opportunities to engage audiences in new ways. However, it also presents a new set of challenges. Some in-person programs can be transformed to the virtual environment with ease, while others may take considerable time and effort to adapt. This course will examine the landscape of the last 8 months to explore what has been successful in virtual programming for libraries, museums, performing arts centers, and other arts-based institutions.

Winning Library Grants: Shortcuts and Strategies for Success

Registration and Additional Information Whether you are new to grant work or want a few new tips, you’ll discover the confidence and knowledge you need to win library grants with Stephanie Gerding, library grants expert and author of ALA’s Winning Grants. Discover the most important thing to keep in mind when doing library grant work,Continue reading "Winning Library Grants: Shortcuts and Strategies for Success"

Cultural Humility in Public Libraries: Colleagues and Customers

Additional information and registration. Are you curious about the term cultural humility? At its root, cultural humility requires one to acknowledge inequality and take action. This online course will introduce cultural humility as a concept for professional practice and will focus on your role as colleague and as a professional and link the concepts ofContinue reading "Cultural Humility in Public Libraries: Colleagues and Customers"

Preparing for the Next Wave of Pandemic – Fatigued Customers

Register now for this timely webinar! New research suggests that pandemic fatigue - the mental exhaustion caused by being in a state of heightened awareness and alertness due to COVID-19 coupled with uncertainty about how the pandemic will continue to develop - is real, and it is already causing an increase in difficult customer behaviorsContinue reading "Preparing for the Next Wave of Pandemic – Fatigued Customers"