Positive Restart Helpers for Directors

Last week, we spoke with Andrew Sanderbeck, our training partner at People Connect Institute (PCI), for his Best Of recommendations for directors in Organizational Health, Professional Development, and Self Care.

You can now find these selections at the Positive Restart Helpers for Directors pathway on CALL Academy.

Self Care and Decision Making

4 Ways to Maintain Calm and Make Decisions Under Pressure :: with Carlos Laguna :: Work environments are not always easy to handle. There are deadlines to meet, people to report to, projects to arrange, changes to implement and a variety of other elements to navigate. All of that can lead to stress and overwhelm and possibly even chaos. While you might not be able to change what goes on around you, the good news is you can learn how to maintain your calm in the middle of any chaos and how to make sound decisions under pressure.

Organizational Health

Preventing Harassment in the Library: Responding to Sexual, Racial, and Bullying Incidents Involving Staff or Patrons :: with Dr. Steve Albrecht :: Mark Twain said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.” As a training issue, it’s the same with sexual and racial harassment and bullying prevention; everybody thinks they know about it, what to do or not to do in the workplace, and yet, it’s still near the top of the complaints filed with or by the federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions.

Professional Development

Networking for Introverts and Others Who Find Networking Challenging :: with Lauren Hays :: A strong “I” on the Myers-Briggs test, early in her career Lauren Hays did not think she would engage in networking or find it easy. However, after learning practical strategies that she has implemented she can remain comfortably an introvert and also expand her professional opportunities.

People Connect Institute offers weekly webinars available through the CALL grant to California library staff every Wed at 11 AM PT. Material in PCI spans from Weeding to the Four Agreements for Managers :: there’s something for everyone. Check the calendar for upcoming weeks. All new materials can be found in CALL Academy 1-2 weeks after airing.


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Positive Restart Helpers for Directors