Sexual Harassment webinar

woman holding hand up in front of her face making the "stop" gesture

On June 14, CALL will host an important webinar to address the sexual harassment of library staff by patrons, and discuss what library workers, including management, can and should be doing about it. This presentation will be offered exclusively and at no charge to all California library staff.

While this topic might be challenging and sensitive for some, the fact remains – sexual harassment from patrons has and continues to be a significant issue in libraries. By some accounts, the issue worsened with the reopening of libraries to the public after pandemic-related closures.

The nature of library work and the public’s access to library staff – often in close, personal space or in one-on-one interactions – makes them vulnerable to sexual harassment, whether at the public desk, in the stacks, during programs, over the phone or email, or even outside the library. Unfortunately, these experiences are often ignored or downplayed as “part of the job”, leaving staff without adequate support from management or proper policies in place for dealing with it.

In recalling the personal experiences of CALL team members and that of our library colleagues, we were reminded how necessary it is to address the issue, and to create the opportunity for dialog, understanding and change with real solutions that best support and protect library employees. So, we invited Katie Horner, author of We Can Do Better — Best (And Worst) Practices for Managers Responding to Sexual Harassment Claims, the Nov/Dec 2021 Featured Article in Public Libraries Magazine, to come speak to us.

In this presentation, Katie will remind us why the sexual harassment of library staff should not be tolerated; discuss commonly reported scenarios involving sexual harassment towards library staff; provide strategies for addressing harassing behaviors; and offer guidance for managers so they can better support their employees. Participants will also be able to submit anonymous questions to be answered at the end of the presentation.

Don’t miss out – register for your free seat in this CALL-Exclusive webinar today.

Sexual Harassment webinar