Successful Supervision with Pat Wagner

team of men and women at work

In July, many of you joined Pat Wagner for a very popular CALL training – Curious About Supervision (Part 1 and Part 2 now in CALL Academy). Now you will have the chance to not only explore the responsibilities of supervision further, but also to benefit from Pat’s farewell training tour!

In October and November, Pat will offer a CALL exclusive four-session workshop (October 20, 27 and November 10, 17) on Successful Supervision. In each one-hour workshop you can be sure you will learn, be encouraged and even laugh. In addition you will use case studies and your own real-life supervision issues. Participants will review proven models, apply practical concepts, and discuss the results with your peers.

Upon completion of the workshop you will have the skills needed to…

• Improve productivity and workplace relationships.
• Grow the skills and commitment of supervisors and employees.
• Use positive reinforcement and workplace contracts to effectively manage employees.
• Better address the lifecycle of an employee, from recruitment and orientation to departure.
• Better manage workplace conflict, discipline, and termination.

Look for details of times and registration coming soon.

Successful Supervision with Pat Wagner