Leadership Development with California Library Staff

As of Aug 2022, the Developing Leaders in California Libraries was merged into the California Libraries Learn (CALL) project.

Leadership Cohorts 2022/23 (Applications are now closed for these opportunities)

In 2022-2023 the Developing Leaders program consists of two cohorts which will work together during the program cycle.

The Leadership Development Learning Cohort is designed to help all levels of library staff build equity and community-based leadership skills. Those selected for this cohort are engaging in synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. These include bi-weekly Zoom sessions, activities such as reading about equity-based leadership topics and engaging in online discussion forums, and three in-person meetings.

The Leadership Challenge Cohort is designed to give those with leadership skills and those new to leadership the chance to work in teams to learn about community assets and challenges. Areas of focus will be jointly determined by Leadership Challenge teams who will work from fall 2022 through spring 2023 to design services that respond to identified assets and challenges. Teams will present their projects in the spring of 2023. (More information will be available on these presentations in 2023.)

All those participating in the 2022-2023 DLCL initiative will have the opportunity for coaching and mentoring from leaders across California. Coaches and mentors will work with Learner Cohort members on an as needed basis. Leadership Challenge teams will be coached and mentored throughout their process.

You can learn more about the Leadership Learner Cohort via this FAQ and learn more about the Leadership Challenge by reading this FAQ. See the full list of 2022-2023 Learner Cohort and Leadership Challenge Cohort members on this page.

For information and archived recordings from previous years of the Developing Leaders project please visit the archival website.

Learner Cohort

Arsine Ansryan, Burbank Public Library
Cherie Buenaflor, Pleasanton Public Library
Nicole Cooksey- Voytenko,
Meghan Croll, Sonoma State University
Olivia Elb, Colusa County Library
Ted Kane, Buena Park Library District
Courtney Kesinger, OC Public Libraries
Alma Madrigal-Ward, Madera County Public Library
Susie Quinn, LA County Library
Megan Ralston-Munger, Montery Park Bruggemeyer Library
Heidi von Mayrhauser, Lost Altos Library
Tamiko Welch, Los Angeles Public Library
Cloud Whorl, Moreno Valley Public Library
Katrena Woodson, Palos Verdes Library District
Taylor Ytuarte, Chula Vista Public Library

Leadership Challenge Cohort

Carmen Letona-Adams, San Mateo County Libraries
Amy Trulock, LA County Library
Natalie Vega, Chula Vista Public Library
Dee Winn, UCLA


Ivan Aguirre, Riverside County Library System
Marissa Murphy Becerra
Todd Deck, Sacramento Public Library
Robert Karatsu, Retired
Fin Lee, Alhambra Library
Akilah Manuel Mills, Lodi Public Library
Mandy Nasr, Camarillo Public Library