Let’s Go Outside

CALL is happy to share professional development and programming opportunities related to the new Parks Pass program through the California State Library and California State Parks, as well as a special webinar on local science programming.

This year, all public libraries in California are receiving California State Library Parks Passes to circulate to their library card holders. Good for one car to access over 200+ California State Parks for free, this program will help remove barriers to park access and encourage health outcomes, natural resource stewardship, and cultural and historical connections across the state. Libraries are encouraged to host programs and conduct outreach to encourage these goals and complement their passes.

CALL and the California State Library will present a webinar about creative ways to support the goals of the Parks Pass program on Wednesday, April 6, from 1-2:30 p.m. This webinar will showcase California public library programs that celebrate outdoor access equity and community partnerships. The webinar also will introduce a new grant opportunity for library programs and initiatives that complement the passes.

Eager to start thinking about potential programming for outdoor learning? You’ll also love this week’s webinar on Using Neighborhood Science to Engage Your Community, on Tuesday, March 8, at 12 noon, with presenters from Los Angeles Public Library.

LAPL’s Neighborhood Science programming suggests that the first step to a sustainable environment is recognizing that environmental issues are not an abstract concept; they are all around us, endangering our health and wellbeing. Neighborhood Science projects and programs have enabled patrons of all ages to do real science in their own backyards on topics ranging from biodiversity loss to air and water quality to mosquitoes to night sky light pollution. Learn how you and your patrons can become bold Neighborhood Scientists, gathering and sharing scientific data that can raise awareness and change the world. What a great idea to connect to the Parks Pass opportunity!