Self-Care and Career Development

The term self-care is thrown around a lot, but nailing down what it means can be complicated. In my mind there’s personal self-care and professional self-care. They both help recharge your battery, but for me personal self-care is something like taking a much-needed nap, visiting friends, or just making time for a hobby. Professional self-care, on the other hand, makes me think of professional development or training. These are the types of things that give me the tools to be more successful in my career, which build my confidence in handling tough situations, and help me find happiness and satisfaction in my work.

On Tuesday, February 20th at 10:00 am CALL will be hosting a webinar called, Career Development in Libraries: Supercharging Your Library Career, presented by Sonia Alcántara-Antoine, PLA President. This is a wonderful professional self-care opportunity. Sonia will be speaking about how to actively develop your career and position yourself for success and growth. She will also talk about finding mentors and how to network.

So if you’ve been feeling stuck in your career, curious about moving into other positions within the library, or looking for a way to connect with others in the field be sure to register for this webinar. Come ready to learn from Sonia, an incredible library leader, and join what’s sure to be a lively and fun discussion.

See you there!