UX Research Methods for Libraries

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Join Mark Aaron Polger as he introduces selected user research methods utilized in User Experience (UX) design. No matter what kind of library you’re in, Mark will discuss various qualitative and quantitative research techniques and activities to help participants better understand library users.

UX research methods combine techniques used in marketing and ethnographic research. UX includes examples such as usability testing, A/B testing, card sorting methods, survey research, eye tracking research, diary studies, customer journey mapping, focus groups, and user interviews. Join Mark to

  1. Be introduced to several research methods that UX researchers use.
  2. Understand the difference between attitudinal versus behavioral UX research methods.
  3. Identify a mix of qualitative and quantitative UX research methods that may suit their library’s needs.
  4. Learn the five steps in conducting UX research.
  5. Apply UX design to both physical and virtual library services and develop appropriate research assessment tools for their library.

If you’re interested but not able to attend the live webinar, go ahead and register. Niche Academy will send a recording to all registrants after the fact.