Dyslexia Awareness

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month…but libraries should be aware of dyslexia and neurodiversity throughout the year. Over 40 million Americans have some level of dyslexia, which is a neurological variation affecting phonological processing.

People with dyslexia use libraries all the time, but some of them struggle to access library resources. When staff build their knowledge and awareness, libraries can better serve the public.

CALL is offering a new training, Supporting Dyslexia at Your Library. The webinar, on Monday, October 24, at 11:00 a.m. is the first in a series of five events this year with learning and library specialist Renee Grassi.

Want to learn more?

First, this TED Talk explains what dyslexia is. As there’s a continuum of dyslexia, individuals may face a range of challenges in reading. Did you know that brain scans (fMRIs) have demonstrated that appropriate intervention and education changes the brain?

Second, we love the example that the Library of Virginia created for certifying Dyslexia-Friendly Librarians. What a great idea! Although their material is specific to Virginia laws (here are California guidelines), and some links are past their due date, it’s still a nice introduction to dyslexia for library staff. Check out their resource guide!