Trauma-Informed Practice In-Person Sessions

Trauma-informed practices are vital in today’s libraries. Understanding what trauma is and how it affects individuals and communities, including your very own co-workers, is important for ensuring more empathetic patron interactions and a positive workplace. That’s why we’re committed to providing training that will help you address patron needs and staff challenges through a trauma-informed lens. This month CALL is offering our first on-ground training in 4 locations that will allow you to practice the skills you learn with your colleagues and others from around the state. 

Here is what you will learn:

  • General information about trauma and how it impacts both patrons and staff in a library setting.
  • The six guiding principles of trauma-informed care and examples of how they can be applied in a library setting for the benefit of both patrons and staff.
  • Examples of library services and programming offered through a trauma-informed lens.
  • Support with skill development and application of those skills to common library scenarios. Five specific skills will be discussed that can be helpful for difficult patron situations (i.e. Reflect, Protect, Connect, Respect, and Redirect). These skills emphasize setting boundaries while using a trauma-informed lens and approach. The group will have the opportunity to practice applying the skills directly to common patron situations.
  • Content will also be provided about creating behavioral policies that are trauma-informed, yet enforce clear behavioral guidelines for patrons.

ALL library workers are welcome to join us at one of these locations for training. Register using the links below:

Travel reimbursement and backfill will be provided. Please see calendar listings above for details. Question? Contact