Being Grateful for Mentors



In November, many of us take a moment (or hopefully more) to think about what we are grateful for. Over the course of my library career, I have had many individuals who took the time to share their wisdom, expertise, and advice with me, and I am grateful for them. Some of those people were the first to encourage me to explore my love of learning and professional development by giving me the chance to travel across Illinois delivering training to library staff. Thirty years later, it is still my passion, and I still have mentors who encourage me.

Although we don’t always recognize or name it, most of us have had many mentors throughout our life. Being a mentor (or a mentee) comes naturally for some people, but being intentional about it is often the challenge.

On Tuesday, November 28 at noon California library staff have the opportunity to hear from Christine Kreger on the Foundations of Mentoring. If you have ever struggled with the logistics of a mentoring relationship (consistency, communication, goal setting, etc.) you will benefit from the practical and specific concepts in this presentation. You will leave knowing more about how to move forward with an intentional mentoring relationship, and how both the mentee and mentor can benefit. All participants will get a Foundations of Mentoring Workbook as part of their attendance.

So, in November when you are giving thanks for many things, don’t forget those who have officially or unofficially been a mentor for you. They didn’t have to do it, but they did, and you have benefited.

Christine Kreger is the Professional Development Consultant for the Colorado State Library and has been involved in leadership training and mentoring for over ten years, including acting as co-chair of the Colorado Association of Libraries Mentorship Interest Group.


Join a Focus Group

It’s that time of year again. We are starting our annual Needs Assessment and we want to hear from you! What would you like to see in the next year from CALL? Do you have topics or areas of interest that you would like to share? What format is your favorite? How can CALL better meet your needs? If you are interested in helping us determine the answers to these questions – and more – please volunteer for a virtual focus group.

  • Focus Group 1:  April 4 at 2pm 
  • Focus Group 2:  April 21 at 10am 
  • Focus Group 3:  April 25 at noon

Anyone is welcome to volunteer for any of the available dates – regardless of your staff role or library size. Choose your date and sign up with this focus group form.

Note: All focus groups will be virtual and facilitated by our needs assessment consultant – Audrey Barbakoff. If you are unable to participate in a focus group, look for the CALL Needs Assessment survey announcement coming soon!