2021-2022 Emerging California Library Leaders (ECLL) Projects

Safe Neurodivergent Spaces in Libraries
Frances Loera – CSU Los Angeles Library
Charmaine Mendez – Moreno Valley Public Library
Leila Regan – Sierra Madre Public Library
Isis Santos – Glendale Library, Arts & Culture

Safe Neurodivergent Spaces in Libraries – recorded presentation 
Safe Neurodivergent Spaces in Libraries (pdf)
Safe Neurodivergent Spaces in Libraries – Assessment Tool & Resource Guide (pdf)

Know Your Neighbors
Dan Lou – Palo Alto City Library
Essraa Nawar – Chapman University
Catherine McBain – San Jose Public Library

Know Your Neighbors – recorded presentation
Know Your Neighbors (pdf)
Know Your Neighbors – online toolkit

Social Work Through Your Library
Simone Yingst – Sonoma County Library
Theresa Campos – Santa Clara City Library
Leslie Masland – San Diego Cnty Library System
Jaena Rae Cabrera – San Francisco Public Library
Nicklesh Sagran – Livermore Public Library

Social Work Through Your Library – recorded presentation
Social Work Through Your Library (pdf)

Mis-/Dis-Information Bystander Toolkit 
Ashlee Nishiya – Ventura County Office of Education
Elan Delgadillo – Marin County Free Library
Erin Baxter – San Benito County Free Library
Kelsey Vukic – University of Southern California
Orion Dam – Santa Clara County Library District
Scott Fretwell – Anaheim Public Library

Mis-/Dis-Information  Bystander Toolkit – recorded presentation
Mis-/Dis- Information Bystander Toolkit (pdf)

Deconstructing Diversity Mentorship
Ivan Aguirre – Riverside Cnty Library System
Alysa Cua – Riverside County Law Library
Veronica Boswell – Riverside Cnty Library System
Patricia Alvarado – Los Angeles Public Library
Jesse Nachem – Oakland Public Library
Jaimee Hugo – Beverly Hills Public Library
Molly Milazzo – Sacramento Public Library

Deconstructing Diversity Mentorship – recorded presentation
Deconstructing Diversity Mentorship (pdf)

Welcoming Spaces: LGBTQIA+
Fin Lee – Altadena Public Library
Hayden Birkett – Riverside Public Library
Claudia Arroyo – San Bernardino Public Library

Welcoming Spaces: LGBTQIA+ – recorded presentation
Welcoming Spaces: LGBTQIA+ (pdf)

Libraries Improve Food Security
Joanna Gorman – San Diego County Library
Jonathan Waltmire – Tulare County Library

Libraries Improve Food Security – recorded presentation
Libraries Improve Food Security (pdf)
California Food Finder Website

Assessing Community Needs
Angelica Mejia – Carlsbad City Library
Valerie Horton – San Diego Law Library
Paul Wilson – San Jose Public Library

Assessing Community Needs – recorded presentation
Assessing Community Needs (pdf)

Lost Connections: (Re)Building Relationships for Life
Celina Tirona – Daly City Public Library
Christina Mune – San Jose State University
Jennifer Siron – Los Angeles Public Library
Keithley Hale – Fullerton Public Library
Luog Saepharn – Sacramento Public Library

Lost Connections – recorded presentation
Lost Connections (pdf)
Lost Connections – online toolkit
Lost Connections – California Library Partnership Info and Checklist Form (pdf)